Kamp C is the centre for sustainable building and innovation in the construction industry, located in Westerlo. Build. Create. Innovate.


The Centre launches a competition in 2019, inviting participants to propose plans for the world’s most circular building on the Westerlo site. As exercise in “practice what you preach”, the building will serve as the new information centre for circular building advice and house an array of offices and meeting spaces.


TEN agency, which is located on that very site, takes part in the competition, alongside construction company Beneens, Architectenbureau West, Muurtuin, Vito, Tenerga Energy and Strength. Together, they form the 'Kamp Circulair’ consortium.

They come up with the 'circular innovation’ concept, which takes circular building to the next level. In addition to building ecologically sound and well thought-out buildings, the concept challenges the construction industry to analyse, improve and renovate at all times. Inviting it to tear a building down, if necessary, and rebuilding it with the same, renewed and enhanced materials.

I see

Using a 3D animation ONiKi visualizes the concept of ‘circular innovation’ both in time and space. An abstract pitch materializes in front of our eyes, taking on form and substance. Practical applications become clear as day. The stakeholder presentation does not miss its mark, the investors eagerly lap up the competition entry. The concept wins hands down. You can go look at and experience the actual result yourself, by the way!

3D animations or explanimations breathe life into concepts that might be hard to “get” without visualization, no matter how complex or abstract.

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