AVC Gemino designs and manufactures glass internal doors and partitions for residential and commercial use. Stylish and functional, adjustable and adaptable, sustainable and innovative.


An ongoing thought experiment, The Naked Solution puts forward a ceiling grid system which adapts itself flexibly to the ever-changing needs of an office environment. The grid system consists of an arrangement of ceiling profiles to allow for the installation of HVAC, lighting and other fixtures.  Partitions can be moved in next to no time.  Reorganizing, renovating, redesigning, almost on the fly, without the need for any major construction work. Add or remove meeting rooms, switch from island to landscape desks, put in or take away ceiling tiles, …. Recycling or repurposing the system components also means circularity gets a boost.


Words alone are not enough to express and explain an ambitious design philosophy clearly and transparently. Although, sometimes, one word makes for a world of difference: visualization. Agreed, it’s a magic word. Preparing a file for VLAIO and the shareholders / stakeholders, we shine a spotlight on AVC’s pioneering design work and highlight the USP’s of their concept.

I see

ONiKi visualizes the unique concept with sleek 3D renders which perfectly illustrate the puristic, intelligent functionality behind the philosophy.

With 3D rendering we convert a 3D model into a multi-purpose 2D image, a picture-perfect static product shot. Overlay your renders with explanatory graphics to obtain a highly informative product shot.  Let’s put it this way: 3D rendering is a great alternative for product photography. Output an entire range of colourways in identical lighting conditions, without having to haul in a truckload of product variants.  

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