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Trade shows and business events don’t have to be boring per se. But because they usually are, TEN came up with a great eye-catcher and … thirst-quencher, back in 2013. An ingenious, fully automated beer tap that gives out free rounds and really sets tongues wagging! Unsuspecting passers-by or tech-loving beer buffs … everyone loves a beer and a chat! And this eye-catcher can be a real icebreaker / dealmaker.


In 2019, TEN launches three business units to support its core activities in a more targeted manner: elva consultancy agency, nio scanning agency and ONiKi visualization agency. Every parent thinks their kid is the cutest, but how do you put each unit’s specific expertise in the spotlight? And how do you illustrate or visualize the organic link between a mother and her daughter?

I see

Simple, really.* You give your daughter ONiKi a little boost – in this case the original CAD data of the fabled beer tap – and let her work her visualization magic, from draft to draught. The “pint printer” is completely blown to smithereens in a stunning exploded view animation. As befits a Hollywood production, however, there is a happy end and everything falls back into place. Perfectly. By combining dazzling visuals with specially composed music, what is essentially a technical showpiece becomes a riveting, emotionally charged experience. ONiKi’s pilot project is a blockbuster. Visualization with a good head on it!

* But not really ?

An exploded view animation is an eye-catching technique to illustrate the many small parts that are needed to make your high-tech product work. As its name suggests, this type of animation “explodes” – or reassembles – your product into an orderly squadron of floating parts. A lot of effort went into engineering these hidden parts, so why not show them off? If the need is purely practical, why not consider a straightforward, static exploded view?

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