On the first of January, TEN, a specialist in global engineering, split its activities into four business units. The visualization activities were accommodated in the new ONiKi business unit, which visualizes the ideas of its customers. ONiKi when IDEA becomes I SEE.
Growth is seizing opportunities, making choices and defining even more sharply what you want to do as a company. To give this growth every opportunity and to serve customers even better, there is now ONiKi. ONiKi – twelve in Turkish – visualizes the ideas of its customers through sketches, renders, animations, 3D videos, VR-AR and mixed reality applications. 

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ONiKi believes in the power of image. Visualizing an idea gives companies the opportunity to grow. The visualization of an idea, a product or a different solution offers an absolute added value in the most diverse sectors and in different situations: as a marketing or sales tool, but also as a training and education tool.
ONiKi offers its customers various kinds of visualizations: static images such as sketches, technical illustrations, 2D and 3D drawings; animated images in the form of a 3D animation or 360° video; interactive visualisations such as an interactive VR-tour or an extensive product configurator; and virtual and AR visualizations.  
As a new player in the visualization market, ONiKi continues to work on the 10 years of experience already built up under the wings of TEN. Brighter, smoother, more balanced and with even more expertise.